Edmund Sidebottam


FULL NAME: Edmund Jemima Sidebottam (his parents really hoped for a girl)

BIRTH PLACE: Unknown (he was found on the Post Office doorstep)

HEIGHT: 17.2 hands

JOB: Guitarist, vocalist and banjo plucker in Folk On, plus semi-pro beard snagger

FAVOURITE PASTIMES: Tiddlywinks, stamp licking and erratic massage studies

FAVOURITE PLACES: He’s a fan of all seafood

VIEWS ON WORLD ISSUES: It is commonly assumed by many citizens in this country and around the world that the pursuit of happiness and fulfillment is directly linked to consumption and consumerism. However, in a global climate in which many have to live with corruption, inequality and bureaucracy, there are alternative approaches to leadership and citizenship…or summat

BEST PARTY TRICK: Letting a party popper off in his mouth so that the streamers come out of his nose

COMMON EDMUNDISM: “err, what?”

Ⓒ Folk On 2020 - Made in the village of Little Dribblepatch